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Metal scrap & non-ferrous stock wanted for purchase

Alle skrootmetaal - ou trokke, masjienerie, toerusting, plaas implemente, silos, verkoelers, vlekvryestaal, demolisie van staal strukture ens.

We currently require:

  • Heavy scrap metal recyclables.
  • Lead (PB) in large volumes (tyre weights, offcuts etc..)
  • Stainless steel all grades (SS316, SS304, SS304, SS316, SS316h, SS316l, SS430 series etc.)
  • Redundant trucks, Yellow metals, Earth moving equipment, steel structures, silos, farming implements, food processing plant, ISO tank containers, fleets of forklifts, I Beams, channel iron, water pipes etc.
  • Aluminium extrusion, old rolled, cast aluminium, irrigation pipe, offcuts.
  • Large loads of car, truck, forklift, UPS batteries - lead acid type only.
  • Steel structures that have been fire damaged/destroyed - insurance claims requiring salvage work to reduce losses. We demolish and take this away promptly. Demolition work done with Health & Safety approvals.
  • Insurance company salvage write offs - we work with Insurance assessors and loss adjusters for recovering value.
  • Demolition assignments on fire damaged equipment and structures.
  • Copper in large quantities (Please note we have zero tolerance for any undocumented materials. Do NOT approach us for any illegal material sales, as SAPS will be notified).
  • Shipyard steel recovery work at Durban harbour.
  • Excess ethernet network cables (Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cat7) in large loads.
  • Brass, Manganese, Nickel, Bronze, Gun metal, crown wheels.
  • Any stock you have - simply contact us with full details for a free quote.
Two mean in a scrapyard
  • NO foreign shipments from Africa or China, India etc.
  • NO electric cable or copper from Eskom/Telkom etc., without written proof of ownership.
  • Suspected theft will be reported to SAPS immediately without hesitation.
  • We are accredited broker dealers, compliant with the trade in terms of the Secondhand goods act.